Thursday, January 11, 2007

This and That -- Again

Quilt Content
Look what's on my design wall.

The Twisted Stitchers noticed a lack of entries in the "large applique" catagory at the Dallas Quilt Show last year. We decided to challenge ourselve with quilts for this catagory. The rules say that "large" is at least 72 inches on any side. We are all making quilts that are 72 inches long and 12 to 14 inches wide -- the minimum sleeve length requirement. Yes... that's very long and very skinny. I'm adding some organza overlays and then I'll begin quilting.

Modern Medicine

Claire had her adnoids removed this morning. We arrived at the surgery center at about 6:45 am and were home by 9:30. She stayed home from school today but hardly showed any signs of discomfort or fatigue. Where can I get some of that resilience?!

Her air passage was only 2 mm wide... apparently it's supposed to be 20mm. No wonder she had a bit of trouble breathing.

Award Winning Artist
I can only hope to follow in her footsteps.

Claire entered her photographs of a playground in the Texas PTA art contest. She was selected to move on from her school competition AND from the council competition. Her work will now be judged at the district level.

Not so sure about this shepherd thing.

Claire and Benjamin both participated in our church's Epiphany pageant this past weekend. Benjamin did an awesome job shouting out his line, "Let us go to Bethlehem." Claire was cast as an angel, but when she heard the child who was cast as the donkey couldn't make it, she jumped at the chance to switch roles. And to think I've been growing tired of the constant "pretending to be an animal" game... it was just preparation the big pageant!

One last funny tidbit
We sorted out some toys this week. We have a big pile of toys that are scheduled to go to Goodwill. They are no longer loved or too young for our kids now. Wouldn't you know, they have been picking items from the pile over the past few days and having all kinds of big fun with the rejects!


Jules said...

Was Claire in the Reflections art contest? My oldest entered this year. His favorite place was the soccer field. He got as far as the council competition. Congratulations to Claire!

kathy said...

thank you for this beautiful family update...adenoids, pagents, art contests, and you've left me wondering how you get a "long skinny" out of that big applique? Obviously we don't see the whole thing...

Unknown said...

Hope Claire is still recovering well. Congratulations to her on winning with her photographs. Isn't it great when our kids produce wonderful art :)

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Surfing in late as usual, have been busy as usual.... but it's great to hear the news and see the teases (you wretch you!) and always love to see the kids. And yes, we have the same thing with the toys.... I have a phased withdrawal. They make two piles: the ones that can go now, the ones that go to the basement. The idea (ahem) is that eventually I will remove some from the basement. Hasn't happened yet. Sigh. Maybe if I ever get to use the basement for dyeing that will prompt a subterranean tidy attack!

Hugs, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Was Claire thrilled with her award? The photos are wonderful, I can see why her work was chosen. She's done a great job!