Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Swapy Gifty Goodness

I couldn't stand to pack any of these away with the Christmas stuff. So, they are all still sitting on the table for me to fondle and enjoy. Remember I signed up to do a Christmas ornament swap with Amy? And I made these? Here is what I received in return!

Tiny felted snowman with the big heart is actually a gift from Hannah. But she wanted to join the other felted snowman for the picture...

The even tinier felted snowman by Kleas. He has a tiny felted blue bird on his tiny felted hat.

The sage green tree is by Cathy. It was made from Little Birds tree pattern (which was used by hundreds of bloggers this holiday season). The tiny embroidered bunny and mushrooms make it a wonderful pin cushion for year-round, I think!

Just below is a very mod bird by Emily. It's got an edgy mixed media look.

The pea pod is a gift made by Kate from a recycled felted green sweater. The tag says, "Peas on Earth. Good Wool to All." That just cracks me up. So clever, that Kate!

The red metal bird is by Regina of Creative Kismit. Totally retro and wonderful!

Beady fairy lovely by Moki. A much more beautiful photo here. I've got a bit of an angel/fairy thing going on in the windows of the French doors of my studio, so I think she'll live there.

And the wooden snowman with the long carrot nose is from Amy! So cute! You can see how she made them here.

I haven't done a big swap like this in a long long time and it was super fun! Thanks Amy and everyone!


Anonymous said...

How fun! You know I love the tree with the red mushrooms :-)

Gerrie said...

All those trees around the world and I don't have one. Stephanie kept saying there would be one left for me, but nada. Guess I'll have to make my own.

When I decorate my tree each year, I especially love the hand made ones and remembering who made them. I am sure you will, also.