Sunday, November 19, 2006


Sarah's recent post was just perfect. All about how the best thing about Houston isn't the quilts -- it's the quilters. So true. I was so lucky to get to know some new friends even better, see some old friends, and make some even newer friends.

I could go on and on about how lucky I feel and what a small world it is and how there are little pockets of quilters and friends all over. But I'll just offer a quick run down of some of the people I was delighted to spend some time with.

The ride down with Julie and Tonya was excellent. Dinner on Friday with the two of them plus Kathy York, Laura Wasilowski and Judy Perez at Benjy's was superfantastic. There was one other person there. She sat way on the other side of the table and I can't remember her name. (It might have been Vickie Hallmark.) I must also thank Judy for putting me in touch with all these great Texas gals. I met Judy's sister Deb when I lived in Maine and I'm so grateful to have made all these connections. (Small world!)

On Saturday I tagged along with Sarah and lots of other gals including Carol Suderland. Pictured here.

Carol said she had read my blog! Well... I always love to hear that! (The charming red head with the pink heart on her shirt... I can't remember her name either. But I do remember one of her amazing quilts in the SAQA exhibit.)

I sat next to Carol at dinner. She lives in NY -- and we know some of the same people. (Another little pocket of quilters -- including Holly Knott, who designed my website, and Becky Howdeshell.) Here's a "before and after" shot of our two margaritas. I'm not saying who's is who's. I will say there was lots of good energy and laughter at the table that night.

Dinner at Ninfa's was excellent (after surviving the 90 minute wait). Sarah was amazed to hear that we have fresh tortilla making stations right in our grocery store.

I'm already looking forward to Festival next year!

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Sarah Ann Smith said...

Hugs hugs hugs...even if I still look jowl-y (ugh!)!!! At least I looked as happy as I felt...and most of that was the company and not just the Coco Loco!

Teeheee, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hugs, Sarah