Thursday, October 26, 2006

Studio Tour

I had a wonderful day visiting my friend Becky Howdeshell at the University of North Texas a couple of weeks ago. She is getting a masters in fiber (and another masters in library science!). It was so interesting to get some insight into the academic art world -- and it is a whole 'nother world.

Here is a picture of some of her work in her studio -- all the master's students get their own studios! Which, of course, makes complete sense, but still seems like such a luxery.

I'm hesitant to describe or explain her work, but it's really great. It think it's quite notable that the work is both beautiful, graphic and interesting to look at -- but also inspiring, thought-provoking and insightful. I think it's hard to do both. Sometimes art is just beautiful to look at -- which is totally cool. And sometimes art makes you think about something rather than just appreciate how it looks -- also cool. Becky works really hard to achieve both and I think she succeeds.

You can probably recognize the shape of a dress in the piece leaning against the wall on the right. It is created with straight pins stuck in a piece of foam board covered with while felt (or flannel... or something). It's awesome! The variety of density in the placement of the pins and the shadows created by them is so unique.

Here's Becky's sewing table and some test pieces with feather shapes.

I saw Becky again last night for the Twisted Stitchers meeting. Two of our members are cash-prize winners at Houston! How exciting.

Speaking of Houston... I'm leaving next Friday and coming home on Sunday. I'm driving down with Twisted Stitcher Julie who is good friends with Artful Quilters Ring blogger Judy. What other bloggers will be there? I'd love to meet you!

I've been battling an awful cold. Lincoln is having a grand time chewing up the snooty kleenexs I've been tossing over the side of the bed. Ok... that may be a little tidbit you might not have appreciated reading. Anyway, I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow. It's all about the orange juice, baby.


Gerrie said...

Gabrielle has a vendor's booth. Pam Rupert will be there. that is my list of bloggers - I'm sure there are others! Next year I plan to come and skip Art Quilt Tahoe. However, I discovered yestereday that quite a few Quilt Art folks will be in Tahoe.

Have fun and take us some great photos!!

kathy said...

you'll be better before next weekend for sure. And good thing, you'll need every scrap of energy to get through the 9 football fields...will you be our roving reporter for those of us who can't be there?

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Ooooh....get well SOON! I can't wait to see you!!!!!! If you still feel icky, go to the doctor on Monday or Tuesday and get antibiotics or something...they'll kick in by Friday!

SOON! Hugs, Sarah

Sue Seibert said...

To Becky I say, "Go Mean Green!" UNT is my alma mater.

To you, Deborah, have a great time. About 10 are going from Mineral Wells, but I'll be in hospital before they get back. If you meet Louise Dillard...she's my closest friend...they are leaving on Wednesday.

Have fun!!!!