Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

My favorite super hero and wicked spirit!

Yes, we do store bought costumes! Best spent money ever. I still do home made birthday cakes... but costumes overwhelm me a bit and everyone seems delightfully happy with these.

I did do homemade costumes last year and everyone was happy with those too. I guess it just depends. You can scroll the November 05 archives for a picture.

The biggest issue with the idea of handmade costumes is just my selfish type-A personality. One of my kids (feel free to guess which one) has big specific ideas about exactly how things should be. Funny, that's just like me. So, if we try to "collaborate" on a costume, there is a high likelihood that either or both of us becomes quite frustrated. Maybe if I were a different type of mom, I would give her free rein on her own ideas. (Ooops, did I just give away which kid it was?)

And actually, I suspect that as she gets older, she'll be able to handle the complete costume on her own. At this point she is not yet adept at the sewing machine, glue gun or credit card.

I remember making my own costumes when I was a kid. That was before there was a Halloween Superstore on every corner and nearly all the kids at school had some sort of homemade costume incorporating old boxes and lots of tin foil. One year I was a pineapple. I made a "sandwich board" painted yellow that hung over my shoulders. And a head band out of green tulle for the spikey leaves. My mother rolls her eyes when we talk about the year I wanted to be a mummy. We must have had some of the same mother/daughter issues. I remember tearing yards and yards of muslin and wrapping every part of my body. I also remember unraveling all the way around the block during the school parade. Gone are the days of school parade, too. Now they compensate by letting the kids have "pajama day." Apparently, the gory, scary, occult, wicked ways of today's costumes are not appropriate for school.

That's ok. Times change. Mostly I am just thrilled to make fun memories with the kids. Four and seven are delightful ages. They will have a wonderful time trick-or-treating with their dad tonight. He is the biggest kid in the neighborhood -- and the very best dad ever.


Diane Perin said...

I love this picture! Claire makes such a cute "good witch" (but don't tell her, tell her she's evil looking!) and of course Spiderman's muscles are just hysterical. Those suits with the muscles totally crack me up. I have similar ambivalence about the making/buying costume thing. But it's all about the fun, right? That's what I figure. (We bought this year too.)

Joanne S said...

I just love answering the doorbell and seeing these little spooky faces! My husband used to leave work early on Halloween so he could give out treats. We lived in St Charles, IL on a corner in a huge residential neighborhood three blocks from the elementary school. We gave out 100's of treats. Our favorite night of the year!!! Especially the little 2 year olds.

Now we have no treaters--except at the library. The costume pajamas isn't a bad idea. We often see superheros in pajamas and boots visiting the library 365 days of the year. Boys.

Gerrie said...

I love the hot pink pumpkin. I am not much of a Halloween reveler. Mr C loves it so he does the giving out of candy, etc. I grew up on a farm way out in the country - never did trick or treat in my life!

kathy said...

delightful store bought costumes...I remember the same angst with my daughter...also my costume skills are SO lacking. What i have in my mind and what comes out are not one and the same.

Lisa said...

That is one BUFF little spider man! Claire and Benjamin are both so cute and I love the face paint! It's the fun neighborhood times like Halloween when we miss you guys! Happy Trick or Treating!

Anonymous said...

I miss seeing the home-made costumes of my childhood, but if mom's less stressed and the kids are happy, then it's ALL good. Besides, like Diane said, LOVE those muscles! We have a similar Batman costume :-)

Unknown said...

I too opt for the store bought get ups. My 9 yr old grandson (who lives here with us ) has turned his nose at the thought of a home made deal. He wants to be one of those star wars guys. So he and my husband are out there tonight with lazer sword flashing and all the kids hyped to the rafters having a ball while I await the doorbell to hand out the goodies.

Sue Seibert said...

Deborah, the photo is wonderful. Hope the kids had a great time last night. Because of my upcoming surgery, my middle daughter came over to pass out candy while her husband worked, her daughter and younger son were at church parties.

I have a real problem with the number of people who have decided Halloween is evil. Yes, things change, but not always for the better.

Happy All Saints' Day...have a safe trip to Houston.