Saturday, October 21, 2006


Check out all the birds that were in our front yard last week. This swarm passes through every now and then. They all come and go together -- like junior high school girls huddling together at the mall.

I tried to turn the "movie" feature on the camera to catch them all flying away, but I was too slow. It's like a scene from a scary movie. But it's not really scary... because we know these birds have teeny tiny brains.

On the agenda today:
Cinnamon rolls from a can for breakfast
More soccer games
"boo'ing" three neighbors (We received a surprise pumpkin bucket full of goodies on our doorstep last night. We'd been "boo'ed" by a mystery neighbor and now we must continue the mystery by "boo'ing" three more.)
A trip to our favorite bookstore ("the one with the train table and the maze books," according to Benjamin)
Making sure the guest room is all set for Grma Kathy's visit tomorrow!

Anonymous asked what the NPR pledge drive is. NPR is National Public Radio, a news and entertainment station funded predominately by donations from viewers. Several times a year they spend about 10 days breaking into the regular programing to plead for money. I am happy to donate money once a year and I understand why they need to do it, but.... It. Is. So. Annoying.

Mel said she is having trouble with blogger cutting off the bottom of pictures too. Anyone know what's up with that? The second bird picture is cut off again today.

Karoda says she can't watch LOST because it makes her feel to anxious and wonders if The Nine has the same feeling. I have been watching The Nine and it's ok... but I don't feel myself just dying to know what's going to happen to the characters the next week. (I've laid off all crime dramas because they are too real-life for me and cause me to toss and turn at night.) Studio 60 is the best new drama of the season, hands down. Oh my goodness, who didn't have goosebumps while listening to Sting in the closing scene last week?


Anonymous said...

I love grackles. I'm pretty new to Texas (Austin) and the grackles are so much smarter and easier on the eyes than California's pigeons.

I don't have much patience for dramas on TV. I watched the first 3 episodes of Lost before I gave up on it, and I will be watching Studio 60 on DVD because I missed a few episodes. I like The Nine so far. I'm sticking around mostly to see what Egan is going to do with his life.

Anonymous said...

They could also be starlings....up close starlings look like they are speckled with tiny stars. Fun fact--all the starlings on this continent descend from a flock of 100 released in Central Park in the 1890s, by a group who wanted to introduce all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare. Often considered a pest species, but they are here to stay, so I try and appreciate them. They are the only birds in my garden who eat japanese beetles, so I'm grateful for that!

Joanne S said...

Sting didn't do anything for me. And Studio 60 is having way too much Christian drama. I'm voting no.

Melody Johnson said...

I adore the Studio 60 plots and characters, and altho Sting is usually not my cup of tea, I loved the song he sang so much, because he didn't seem to be straining to hit the higher notes for a change.
Heard that Studio 60 is in danger of being cancelled. I want to open a vein. Can't intelligent tv get an audience?
I am even warming up to Harriet and her overbite. (I am a dental critic in my spare time) and am so proud of Matthew Perry doing the drama bit. Aaron Sorkin is a genius and I want him to keep writing these complex plots and fast fire dialog.
O, I over spew.

Teresa said...

I use Picassa2 to send photos to Hello, then to my blog. It seems to work the best. Both are free downloads.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

On Saturday, Blogger wouldn't even POST my recent post, so PHHHT to blogger, even if they are free...sigh. Anyway, grackles, cool swoopy tails. SLightly less obnoxious than starlings....

Cool about being Boo'd!! What a neat tradition...

Studio 60...let me guess, it's on at 10? My bedtime? Kids up at 6 on bus by 7 here, so can't stay u7p're still young!

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for the NPR drive explanation.

Could that be Alfred Hitchcock on your lawn?

Diane Perin said...

That is what Caroline would call "a flapping flock of flying fury!"