Thursday, October 12, 2006

Are You Shopping for Furniture?

You could consider this couch.

I do think it's quite divine, though probably not so good for cuddling up to watch a movie. It's along the path at the wonderful Arbor Hills Natural preserve which is my favorite local place to hike. (Not that we've explored too much... we just keep going back here.)

We haven't make it around the full loop of trails yet. It's always too hot. (That shouldn't last much longer.) But we did make it up to this amazing outlook tower.

Texas looks greener here than you might have imagined. This would make a great spot to plant a letterbox... hmmm.... I should sketch some stamp carving designs.

I got a wonderful comment about my coffee troubles on my last post. It came through on my email, but it does not appear to be here on the blog for some reason. Anyway, here it is

"....cappuccino, Deborah, cappuccino!l ove your fiber art! maria daniela in Rome (Italy)"

Oh, Maria Daniela! You are so right. In fact, I did make myself a cappaccino on the morning when the coffee maker first broke. I used my beloved Kimbo moka and the Bodum milk frother which always works perfectly! But... the rubber gasket in my moka is getting dried out and espresso spits out all over the stove top and makes a big mess. My friend Caragh warned me that this would happen and that you can only get replacement parts in Italy. I searched the net and found replacment gaskets for other brands of mokas but not for my Kimbo. Grumble. Any of you Italian readers care to go shopping for me? (I have the small size -- the gasket is about three inches across. Of course, that measurement probably doesn't mean much to an Italian reader who used the metric system.) In the meantime, I'll survive with just the drip coffee.

It's delightfully cool here in Texas, but there is not a single leaf turning any beatiful color in sight.

Lost! Yowza! There is a lot of tension in the air there. I really enjoyed watching it last night. But I am so eager to just get some answers and I suspect I will not be satisfied anytime soon.


Lisa said...

Yowsa is the perfect word for last night's episode! Pretty intense, wouldn't you say?? As frustrating as all the loose ends are, I find myself hopelessly addicted!

Unknown said...

it only took me 6 tries to post a comment on my own blog. maybe I can do it on yours. I did try leaving you a lengthy message the other day only to have it disappear into the internet ethosphere.

Sue Seibert said...

Hadn't heard of Arbor Hills Preserve...where is it exactly?

As to trees in Texas, sorry Deborah, they don't turn, except to brown. Oh, there will be a few that do turn a yellow, and the sumac turns some lovely reds, but Texas is a two leaf and none!