Friday, September 29, 2006

Pet Update

Lincoln is growing so fast! Look how his coat is so much more yellow (and coarse) than it was a month ago.

He is settling in just fine. He is gobbling every morsel of food he can get. And practicing his hunting skills in the event he ever gets to go on an African safari.

It took much convincing on my part to get Benjamin to give up just ONE creature from his piles and piles of stuffed animals. The lion was the winner (or loser -- as the case may be).

Lincoln's favorite spot -- under foot.

Golden eyelashes! How divine!

A few things I love about having a dog:
  • Suddenly there are no crumbs or cereal bits under the kitchen table.
  • A warm body to join me when taking a bag of trash out to the curb.
  • The familiar jingly sound of his tag against his collar.

And in art news:
I read in the paper this morning about a super interesting fundraiser developed by a local artist's league. It's called "Art Heist." For $200 participants get to be a "theif" with one minute to scope out 150 works of art (many by prominent Texas artists) and make off with a favorite. For $25 you can be a "witness" and get to partake in the gourmet food and drinks. Clever, don't you think?


Lisa said...

Super cute pictures of Lincoln! How's the house training going?

Gerrie said...

Now, stop with the gratuitous cute puppy pictures. I can't stand it - he is so adorable. I agree about the crumbs. Maggie loves it when M & M come over for a meal!

Debra said...

No crumb-catcher was one thing I missed in Illinois. Are you taking for walks yet? In October I will be setting up a new blog dedicated to folks posting their walks with dogs. It will be called: Puppy Dog Trails (don't know which platform, yet..). Watching a young dog would be a great hoot!!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Please add gratuitous cute kid pictures, too LOL!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the art heist totally cool!

Hugs, Sarah

Melly Testa said...

This dog is fantastic. A-Number 1.
Thank you for taking him on, I know you will companimal for him.
The Heist sounds cool, too.

Melly Testa said...

ops... I know you will be a great companimal for him.