Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Good Mail

Actually... make that GREAT mail!

I'm delighted to add issue #4 of The Fabric Arts Zine to my collection of zines. Alma sent me a complementary copy since I contributed an article called "Kick It Up with Embroidery."

The FAZ is an amazing example of self-publishing and filled with clever insights, great art and fabu goodies! In fact, Alma was even profiled in the last issue of Somerset Studio. Great job, Alma! And thank you so much! And don't you love that metallic blue envelope?! Great for collage, I'll tuck it away in my paper files.

Behold the green and the purple!

I love love love this postcard that arrived yesterday. Kathy sent it as a "thank you" note for the goodies I sent for her birthday. What a treasure -- it's full of all my favorite things... the green and the purple, the house image, the beads and the hand of my dear friend.

More art... even smaller than the postcard.

These are ATCs from the mixed media swap that I belong to. (I'm the satellite member. The rest are all in Maine.) Our September theme was flowers. On the top left is a piece by Susan Tuttle who has some delightful mixed media art on etsy. And a wonderful blog. On the top right is Kate's work. (Kate's a Frayed Edge -- my small art quilt group of which I am also a satellite member.) It's fabric fused to a playing card. She and I are in agreement: it's all about the fabric, baby! On the bottom left is a collage by Leslie. I love the asymmetry of this card. And the bottom right is Hannah's card. Hannah is another Frayed Edge and she's bringing so much more mixed media to the group. We love it.

Here are the ATCs I sent for the swap. Coincidentally, they are also the ATCs pictured in The FAZ.

For these ATCs I used what I call the "pop tart" finishing method. Both the front and the back are fused and the batting is sandwiched between -- like the brown sugar cinnamon filling in a pop tart. (This and other methods will be included in my how-to book called Small Art Quilts: Designing a Series. It's still in the works, but coming along!)

The theme for the next ATC swap is "recycled." Hmmm.... I'm generating ideas and thinking of that great challenge from Project Runway.


Gerrie said...

I just have to say this again. I am in love with your small works!

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to draw the tulip-ish ATC at our JGesso Girls meeting. I love it. it's the best one. We really try to make it a random draw, but Hannah is often accused of stealing her favorite first before others choose. Gotta watch her every minute. I love the Pop Tart analogy and I want to try that technique soon. My recycled idea... old postage, I think!

Micki said...

Your ATC's are great. And what wonderful goodies you received.

kathy said...

love your bright colors and designs...I'm still waiting for my issue in the beautiful blue foil; everything takes longer in maine

Alma Stoller said...

Hi Deborah,

So glad it got to you.
Thanks so much for your article and for the nice words.