Thursday, August 10, 2006

More City Museum Pictures

As I posted yesterday, we had an amazing trip to the City Museum in St. Louis. Below are some of the inspired designs I snapped.

An enormous tree-house-nest and the other-worldly ceiling treatment. There were wonderful, clever visions everywhere I looked.

In fact, on the weekends, the City Museum stays open until 1 am and has live music. What a great alternative to a smokey bar!

My kids are not especially arty. But, we did explore "art city" a bit.

They both made tie-dye t-shirts. There were also tables for collage, clay, giant snowflakes, decorating old hats, etc etc etc (And lots of artsy fartsy type museum employees!)

The entire building is full of salvaged materials. There are amazing old architectural pieces around every corner.

That just says it all, doesn't it?

This rebar sculpture is in the outside "Monstro-City" area. It's more than just sculpture... it's also the railing leading up to the next level.

It looks all rusty and like you wouldn't want to touch it, doesn't it? Somehow I didn't feel that way when we were there. The place seems to put everyone in a "just go for it" mood.

The City Museum also houses the "St. Louis Museum of Architecture," which could also be called. "A Bunch of Cool Old Stuff on Shelves." Everything was beautifully decorative.

Sometimes I feel like I should hang a sign like this over my front door.

The blonde head is a bit freaky though.

I like that word "mirth." It's definetely underused. Check out these synonyms.

amusement, cheer, cheerfulness, entertainment, festivity, frivolity, frolic, fun, gaiety, gladness, glee, grins, happiness, hilarity, hysteria, hysterics, joyousness, laughs, laughter, levity, lightheartedness, merriment, merrymaking, pleasure, rejoicing, revelry, whoopee

Have a mirthful day, friends.


Gerrie said...

Museum of Mirth just made me smile. I think I will go to my studio and make some postcards with that theme!! Be mirthy!!

Terry Grant said...

I've never had a reason or impulse to go to St. Louis, but I think I really want to go see that museum! Thanks for the tour.

Lisa said...

Great post. It makes me want to head to St. Louis!

Mirth...I may use that word on occasion, I like it.

Sue Seibert said...

What a wonderful post. Really made me smile. Mirth...what a wonderful concept for a museum.

gabrielle said...

Way cool...I could live there. Here's to you coming home with tons of inspiration for new work. How did you ever get yourself out of there?

Sonji Hunt said...

Wow,I wanna go! We were just going for baseball next year, but now I see we may have to stay a little longer.