Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back to "Normal"

Ah. The quintessential "happy to be home."

We had a wonderful vacation and I am so struck by how blessed we are. We have a big family full of love, enthusiasm and interesting lives. More on all that later.

School starts in less than two weeks. We must start working towards earlier mornings. And go buy supplies. (Yeah! I love buying school supplies! I assure you that I will not be able to resist buying some stuff for myself. All those crayola products!)

I'm swamped over the next couple of weeks with my job as editor of a large church newsletter. I think we're looking at about 24 pages for this issue.

I know I haven't blogged much about summer reality tv. Please read Ssslambo instead! She's great. But in regards to Project Runway, I will say.... oh, I love me some yoyos! Even though you can't really see them in this picture.

And why why why were those crazy sleeve things hanging out of the bottom of that white top? It looked like she got her leg in the wrong hole of some granny panties and they creeped out the top of her pants. Yuck.


Lisa said...

I'm actually getting into Project Runway! I love seeing all of those conflicting personalities having to work together! I'm a little partial to Allison but I love that everyone hates Angela! Oh the DRAMA of it all! Slambo had a great summary of last night's show.
How about Rockstar? Is it me or are most of the guys wearing black nail polish, at least on most of their fingers? What's up with that?!

Samantha said...

Yes to the black nail polish, for some reason guys who aren't REALLY metal, goth, or punk seem to feel black smudged eyeliner and black nail polish (and a plethora of tatoos) is the norm and MAKES them metal, goth, or punk. Wrong!

I thought the same thing with the loopy things coming off the white shirt. But Keith's original idea was that the shirt could "hey presto" change into a mini dress, so turning it upside down would make a tank dress of some sort. I think that was the idea anyway.

Sonji Hunt said...

Oh,I wish that I could see that show (no cable). Granny panties...that's funny and a very accurate description.