Thursday, July 20, 2006

Brief TV Talk

Gerrie cracked me up yesterday when she read my heady post about art. She said she was expecting some Rock Star dish. Well, I watched it and I don't have much to say, but run on over to blogging newbie Ssslambo, daughter of Wednesday's Child, for her Rock Star comments. She is precisely correct on every point about Rock Star. (Though I still predict they will pick a woman.)

You'll notice that she also has a very funny post about Project Runway. I could probably spend everyday until next Wednesday reading blogs about PR, but I limit myself to just the Manolo and those in our own ring. (If you didn't see Manolo's recap of the first episode, you must scroll down... it is so funny and preceptive.) About this week's episode I must say...

I think Angela is getting a raw deal. Of course she was a terrible partner, but she was less terrible as a partner than Vincent was as a leader. He was a terrible, terrible, rude, thoughtless, arrogent, ignorant, selfish, and ineffective leader. They were both saved because Malan's dress looked like a piece of shit. Literally.

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Gerrie said...

Too funny! I love the comment on Malan's dress - I knew it reminded me of something bad!