Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cozy Corner

Here's a little corner of my new studio. Actually, it's not a corner. It's against one wall.

I curled up here and read several pages of The Time Traveler's Wife last night. All is right with the world.

That frog is sitting there because he has a big hole in his back and needs some surgery. Soon he'll make his way back to Benjamin's bed.

The two treasures matted in black were birthday gifts from Sonji. I adore them and think they look marvelous with the red love seat. The three pieces above are from my "Branch Out" series which I began in a workshop with Melody.

So, now that the studio is somewhat organized. I should be making art. Right? Keep reminding me.

In other news: I got a speeding ticket several weeks ago and have been plodding my way through an online driving school in order to avoid losing points on my license, increasing my insurance costs and paying a larger fine. It's absolutely miserable. I can think of a thousand other things I would rather do. Actually, two thousand. And then some. I have been driving within the speed limit lately, though.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Of course I thought of Benjamin the moment I saw the frog! I, too, have a pile of boy-mending in my studio...sigh...

and at least there is a way to avoid point and increased insurance for the speeding ticket. Sigh. My condolences!

Hugs, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hi, here where I live people will take your traffic points for a fee...say $200.00 for 3 points etc. Big money making 'business'

I still remember the first time a letter with pic of my DH came in the mail, it was a riot! He couldn't say it wasn't him.
He has chalked up so many points over the last few years that if there is another fine, he will lose his license.....disasterous.

Yes, I'd say it is a good thing you have the chance to 'reduce the damage'.

Froggy reminded me that I have a be-headed bear waiting for repair!

Gerrie said...

I did an online test just before we moved up here and it only took me an evening! I will say that I think it is an excellent program. I learned way more that I would have in a Saturday morning or evening class with a boring instructor.

I am going to try to get my studio back in shape and post some pics next week. I love your sitting area. I had one in my old studio. Now I have to go next door to the media room. Well, it has my tv, dvr, computer and copy machine!

Deb R said...

LoveLoveLOVE the colors of the loveseat, the quilt on it, and the artwork!

Bummer about the speeding ticket. Hope you're through the icky driving school thing soon.