Thursday, June 01, 2006


I like that word... blather. I also really like the word "cloister." Of course they have nothing to do with each other. This is the state of my mind at the moment. You may wish to just click away now since it's not likely I'll be posting anything interesting.

My sister just got back from a trip to Alaska. She and her husband have been planning it for a long long long time. His cousin lives there and gave them the inside scoop on doing lots of things "on the cheap." She has posted a list of the wildlife they saw and she promises pictures this week. Now, I just must decide where we'll take our next family vacation: Alaska? Africa? China? Six Flags over Texas?

They only stayed in a hotel one night... so they could watch the season finale of LOST.

I was rejected from Small Works II. They got well over 200 entries and only accepted 27. Oh well. Honestly, I don't feel dejected, but it does burn a bit to spend money to continue to enter shows and not be accepted. For that show, there was the entry fee, the cost of making color copies of the original artwork (I thought that was an innovative way to jury a show -- but of course I had some less than desirable copies, so my Kinko's card just kept clicking on additional dollars.), the cost of buying a mailing tube and the postage. All in all, it doesn't break the bank, and I KNOW it's just the cost of "doing business." But, I'm a cheapskate so I'm whining a bit.

On the other hand, the Microscosmos show at the Tims Art Gallery opened last week. All the triptychs are posted at the link above. You'll note that mine is already sold. Yippee! That's thrilling and will pay for the cost of entering the show AND the Small Works show. It all comes around, yes? Several lovely lovely pieces of art in the show. I'm a bit surprised that nearly everyone (including me) interpreted the theme so literally. I guess that tree shape is just too tempting.

No more whining, I'd be making these pieces are art anyway. It gives me great joy. Showing and selling them is an added bonus.

And guess what I'm doing tonight?! I'm going to the Dallas Quilt Guild. And guess who is the speaker tonight? Gabrielle Swain! How fun is that? Sadly, I don't have any superfantastic shoes to wear.


Elle said...

I'm sorry you got rejected. I know that suck-y feeling too. I agree. It really does make you think twice about entering shows, but you have to from time to time because you never know. I'm just more into making quilts for myself right now. If those work out and I want to enter them or something, I will. But for right now, I don't care and it's a bit liberating.

jenclair said...

Sometimes you need to cloister yourself and remove yourself from the blather of life. I love these words, too.

Congratulations on the sale of your triptych!

Gerrie said...

But, you did enter! If you don't enter you can't get rejected or accepted!! So keep it up. Happy to hear your wonderful Microcosmos piece was sold. Give Gabrielle a hug from me. Tell her she is not blogging enough!!

Joanna Stein said...

I hate getting rejected, really their loss.

You should totally go to Alaska. We wondered why we didn't see more families as it really is a great place to take kids. Especially since they may never see Alaska like we did as they get older. Melting ice and population growth will change the landscape.

Debra said...

Give Gabrielle a great sloppy howdy for me!! And tell her start blogging again!

Enjoy the meeting and give us a full report. Or blather about it.

kathy said...

aren't you just loving being so near a large city? Brunswick just doesn't make the cut anymore!

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

I got rejected from SWII too. And I had the same experience at Kinko's, had to redo those color copies several times. It does add up and get discouraging sometimes. Hang in there and keep at it!

Debra said...

UPDATE!! We're waiting for an update on the guild meeting.

Anonymous said...

I love the way things all even out in the end. OK, so money was spent for Small Works, seemingly for nothing--bummer. But then it was recouped by the sale of the triptych--yippeeeeeee! The only way any of it could be bad is if we sat at home doing nothing. By the way, I'm going to call you an artist now ;-)