Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I've got a thousand things on my "to do" list and I'm a bit overwhelmed, but progress is being made.

I've scheduled Vacation Bible School, swimming lessons, soccer camp, one special week of day camp, family visits and family vacation for the next two months. Whew. This will all be very good! But, busy.

There is still lots of unpacking and organizing to do. Shelves and filing cabinets must be purchased this week so the studio can be made productive. I've got a spunky little craft apron all ready to make.

I'm also doing my real job this week. I design and edit a 12-16 page monthly newsletter. It's great for professional satisfaction and I really enjoy the people I work with. I do it all from home... isn't technology amazing? Plus, I usually listen to podcasts of This American Life and the LOST Listener Podcast while I work. So that will be entertaining.

Birthday parties, PTA meetings and various contractor visits are also looming.

And since I can't post with out a picture, check out this stunner from Jeff's trip to El Salvador.


Joanne S said...

Brings back memories of my summers as a kid. Swimming lessons, scout day camp and playing board games in someone's basement when it rained.

My kids climbed trees, played baseball and had Barbie Fashion shows and one memorable year had buckets of tadpoles maturing in the decorative pond in our backyard. That many frogs--well we had some very noisey evenings until we put pool chemicals into the water. No frogs were harmed--just relocated.

Gerrie said...

I'm empathizing ;)! At least I didn't have two little ones to entertain and schedule. You will get there!