Saturday, April 01, 2006

What is a Fat Book?

After my last post, a few people asked what a fat book is. I'm sorry if you were confused. I can't say I'm really sure, since this is the first I've participated in, but...

Someone coordinates the project, usually picking a theme and size and setting other requirements. Artists sign up or are invited to participate. Everyone makes a "page" for the book and the assigned number of copies. In my case, we made 35 copies. These are color copies which I then embellished with fabric, feathers and brads. Each artists sends her pages to the coordinator who then binds the pages from all the different artists together in a "fat book." It's fat because of all the arty embellishments and stuff hanging off the pages. The books are then sent back to all the participants and everyone has an inspiring, creative, book of original art.

When I lived in Maine I got to hang out with the wonderfully creative Deb Silva a few times. She works for Artella (an amazing publication and community of learning and support for artists) and is the sister of our own Artful Quilters Webringer, Judy Coates Perez. Deb has done tons of fat books and I saw a few of hers. The altered art and collage community thrives on collaborative projects and other kinds of swaps. It really is an interesting way to share and connect with other artists.

I'm predicting more and more crossover for quilters into mixed media. (Should I run and hide for even speaking such blasphemy?)

I'll post some pictures of the completed book after the retreat.


Michelle said...

Can't wait to see the pics.

I, myself, have been working on a fat book (but, only me - not part of a coordinated effort).

Yours really is lovely! :)

Shirley Goodwin said...

Thanks, Deb, I hadn't come across this sort of project before.

Shirley in New Zealand

Cathy said...

Artella is a wonderful place. The Dreamland issue was fabulous. I didn't realize that Judy was Deb's sister. What a small world!

kathy said...

no running and hiding...from personal experience, I think it's just a short jump from fabric to paper, after all what IS paper if not fibers? And who can ignore the delicious stuff out there now? I can't pass the scrapbooking section of the craft store without slowing down to touch or scan for ideas. And now, another reason to hate you being so far fat book in my greedy little hands!

Unknown said...

Ha Ha, i am on the phone with Deb right now checking blogs and just read your post outloud to her. We both had a chuckle.

i think there is alot of of crossover here, I love playing with other mediums too it helps open up other ideas.