Saturday, March 04, 2006


Look what's sitting in our front yard. Aren't they beautiful in a graphic, grid, lines and squares kind of way? On our new home they is actually a lot more color in these bricks, because from this angle you don't actually see the side of the brick that faces out when put on the house.

Another pile... stone!

And when the talented masons put it up on the house, it looks like this...

I'm just in love with that patchwork stone pattern.

We also went to visit the granite yard to confirm our counter choice.

It's called Wild West Green and comes from Brazil. Can you believe something like this comes right out of the earth? Miraculous.

Here's a close up.

Whew... I'm so glad it's the weekend. We've had a crazy few weeks.


Gerrie said...

Love all the photos. I'm glad I didn't have to select my granite. I had no idea how many colors and patterns there are. I have always been entranced with stone work - fences, retaining walls, on houses.

Anonymous said...

Of course I love the pictures but what also caught my eye was the beautiful BLUE sky! Since we live with so many grey days I am blue with envy!

Debra said...

Gorgeous rocks!! I love the way it looks on the house.

And your granite!! Yummy! Ya know, I love looking at all the choices.. but having to narrow it down to one was torture! Yours looks fabulous.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

It's a palace, with the ocean swirling on your countertops.....LOVE the granite! Will you think of the Maine sea when you look at it?

Hugs, Sarah

Unknown said...

the granite is gorgeaous. and i love all the stone on the house. one thing i loved about houses in texas was all the limestone and then with those fabulous metal roofs. Living in earthquake country for so many years it was always so much more impressive to me. now i live in a 100 year old brick factory, ones worst nightmatre in CA, but a little slice of heaven in chicago. The house is looking great, i bet you can hardly wait to get in and unpack!