Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Downtown Dallas

Claire and Benjamin and I had a fun time exploring bits of downtown Dallas this weekend. We were actually letterboxing, but we didn't have our stamp pad... so we'll have to go back soon!

The largest bronze sculpture in the world is outside the Dallas Convention Center.

It's 40 life size long horn cattle, plus three cowboys on horse back. Can you imagine a project of this size?!

There was also a man selling ice cream bars. Delish... these are cartoon characters with eyes made of gumballs.

The cattle (and the kids) cross over a nice little stream.

Here you can see how huge it is. It's very Texas, don't you think?


Gerrie said...

They don't call it big D for nothing!! Have you found a church? Might be heard in that area.

Raquel said...

Your work is really beautiful--you should be teaching at A&S. I've never been to Dallas and sure hope I get to see those cattle statues.
Really cute kids too.

Rosy said...

Oh Those cattle look familiar to me. I saw them in my Karen Stone book. She posed her quilts on them. Really cool.


Kim Carney said...

I miss Texas!