Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dalls Quilt Show Update

I am so lucky that I went on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday it rained like crazy here in Dallas. Sunday there were several terrible flash floods. This is a picture of the parking lot at the quilt show location.

This was taken by Debbie Lautenslager who works at Quilt Country -- a delightful local quilt shop. I haven't heard details about whether there were any losses at the show, though I did hear about one woman who had her car valet parked and then it flooded and floated away. It was completely totaled and when she was riding the bus home, it also got flooded and stranded. She had to be rescued by firefighters. There's a quilt idea in that I'm sure. Can you imagine? Even Six Flags was closed on Sunday -- but the quilters stuck it out!

This was also the weekend that there was supposed to be a 15 foot tall floral Eiffle Tower at the Dallas Arboretum. Presumably that didn't happen. How disappointing.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Heard it was getting deep in Dallas on the news...where is the picture? Stayi high and dry! Cheers, Sarah

and gosh...how URBAN.....

Gerrie said...

See! You have moved to a place where even the weather is BIG! I heard about the rain and flooding and hoped you were safe and sound.