Thursday, March 02, 2006

Birthday Boy

Today is Benjamin's 4th Birthday!

Look what fun we had celebrating when we visited family on the way to Dallas.

Auntie Kris made a delicious GREEN cake that Benjamin adored. He especially loved putting on the sprinkles. Isn't his face so funny? Those eyebrows tell a big story!

I'll have more pictures of our other celebrations later in the week. (I know the grammas and grampas will look forward to that!)

A few things I remember about March 2, 2002.

  • We probably should have left for the hospital a bit sooner.
  • While we were on the way to drop Claire off at a friends home before we went to the hospital, she chatted on and on about how one of her classmates was eatting playdough.
  • The nurse at the labor and delivery check-in insisted I put my shoes back on before I walked from the waiting room to the triage room.
  • Jeff was (and is) an amazing support... zipping about lowering the lights and plugging in my self-hypnosis music as we were shuttled from room to room.
  • I was thrilled that my mother was there for Benjamin's first moments so he would know that he has a big family of folks who love him.
  • He was a warm, tiny, sweet miracle.

And now he is...

  • the best joke-teller in the family. "Knock Knock? Who's there? Cargo. Cargo who? Car go, 'beep beep!'"
  • a great dancer, he's got some wicked moves including the "surfing Santa."
  • curious, impatient, whiney, energetic and stubborn
  • very friendly and thoughtful and always wants to save a treat for when Claire gets home from school
  • a creative game-player, he loves to make up how you get points, how many "lifes" you get and how to battle the bad guys
  • a great cuddler!


Joanne S said...

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

What a lovely family party. I was checking out the faces to see "who belongs to who". We didn't get any snow today and the Target opened early. Yesterday, in fact. Let the fun begin.

Deb R said...

What a great photo!

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!!

Joanna Stein said...

We purchased a fantastic present for Ben yesterday. What I'm late? Again?

I need his mailing address, will you send me an email?

Anonymous said...

Oh Deb...before I even read your comments I looked at Benjamin and thought: "what a cutie....I'll bet he's a lot of fun!!"

Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Kid!!


kathy said...

and don't forget how well he can entertain himself, and how much he loves his froggy and how he loves to share his toys and he tells great stories, and how much we'll miss him....happy birthday Benjamin!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Benjamin. Can't wait to hear more. Can't remember your email...send me one when you get time. Han