Saturday, February 18, 2006

On the road...

We're at my parents home on Lake Ontario for a couple of days. We left our home late Thursday afternoon and arrived here at about 2:30 am. Crazy. Sometimes it's better to just get there rather than try to find a hotel, then unpack the things you need from the car, then try to get a good night sleep, then get back up in the morning and just drive more.

It's super windy here. The waves on the lake are as big as I've ever seen them, I think. And the water looks so brown. It's also only about 15 degrees today. This is why we usually visit in the summer.

I need to collect some more rocks from the shore. Last time we were here I got a whole shoe box full, but most were smallish... perfect for building little cairns to set on the mantel, but too big to use in jewerly or as embellishments in quilts. There is a wonderful selection of red, gray, and black rocks down there. I'll have to bundle up.

My mom and Claire made home made cinnamon rolls yesterday and we baked them this morning. Delish!

I also discovered that I have nearly as much gray hair as my mother. She has long been the only one of her high school girlfriends who doesn't dye her hair. I'm not planning to dye mine at the moment. The gray doesn't bother me. Jeff says it looks sophisticated. But, still... as much as my mother?!

I've been perusing new blogs and websites lately. Not new really... just newly discovered by me. Here are some that are fun.

Claudine Hellmuth. I'm particularly interested in her comprehensive effort at pulling everything together. Her site, blog, shopping cart and marketing efforts are so seamless.

Karen Michel. I just love the concept that her website appears to be a big journal that you can flip through.

Sabrina Ward Harrison. How cool is that moving picture of her studio?


Deb R said...

So glad to see you check in on your journey, Deborah! Did you leave the camera available to take photos of the lake and rocks and stuff or is it all packed away?

Cinnamon rolls....mmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

You are in a place where I once lived. I used to love to go to t he lake shore in off season and collect rocks and just sit there bundled up and enjoy the smells and sounds. I lived in Sodus - right out of college. Have a safe trip. I totally understand the keep driving til you get there!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the kids are holding up well with all the driving. We seem to have a 5 hour limit in the car before ours melt down. It's nice to get to your destination though!

The websites you found are way cool. I have to admit to getting dizzy watching the studio picture, though, before I realized I could control the speed with my mouse!

Terry Grant said...

I am something of an expert on gray hair--mine started going gray in my 20s. I only colored it once and I was not fond of the khaki color that resulted--from what was supposed to be "ash brown". My hair was grayer than my mothers when I was 30, since the gray hair gene came from Dad's side. I think it bothered her more than it did me. She never did catch up to the gray/white hair of the rest of our family. Enjoy it! My theory is that hair dye causes Alzheimers or something equally dreaded. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.

Joanne S said...

Nice hearing from you! Enjoy your visit with the parents. It's COLD here and windy!!!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh it's SO good to hear from you! Yesterday was Joshua's first wrestling meet (can you believe it, Joshua wrestling?), so didn't websurf at all last night, and taught at Maine-ly Sewing today (great class!), so I was extra happy to find two posts from you. I'm glad you just got going... I agree, why mess with whiny kids fussing about strange beds in a hotel (been there, done that, will--alack and alas--do it again). Plus, your two are still young enough to fall asleep well in the car!

Drive safely and keep up posted....was boo-hooing today, telling someone I have a friend who lived in Topsham but she just moved. At least you missed the cold--last night was zero, wind chill last night when walking the dog before bed was minus 10.....

Hugs, Sarah

PaMdora said...

Thanks for the links!