Sunday, February 12, 2006

On My Way

There is almost nothing left in the frig and there are piles of stuff everywhere.

The packers are coming on Tuesday and Wednesday and the big truck is coming on Thursday. We'll sleep on borrowed air mattresses on Thursday night and leave our home, friends and the beatiful state of Maine on Friday. Sigh. (Goodness, I'm so dramatic.)

We're stopping to visit some friends and family along the way and we'll arrive in Dallas late the following Thursday.

I'll probably have a chance to blog between now and then, but don't worry if I disappear.

I'll leave you with this.

Joanne made this wonderful collage for me. I just adore it. Joanne and I've really connected in the past several months. I think she's quite funny and wise and makes beautiful quilts. And I opened the big door of blogging for her.

There's a sad house at the top near the Maine map and a happy house by the Texas map... and a lovely line of varigated pearle cotton in between. I bet that's from Mrs. Mel. That's Joanne's "signature tulip" in the foreground. It appears in many of her quilts. The words say "artful traveling." Isn't that what we should all strive for wherever we go? Thank you, Joanne.


Debra said...

Wow! This part of your grand adventure is beginning soon. What fun. Do you have a laptop so you can blog on the road?

I love that collage.

Joanne S said...

THANK YOU, Deborah! You've opened a new world for me and I will be forever grateful. Look forward to reading about all the new adventures and treasures you find in Texas.

Deb R said...

What a lovely gift!

I hope you'll have the opporunity to check in at least every few days from the road so that we all know you're ok. I'm excited for you starting this newest life adventure!

Jen said...

Have a wonderful and safe travel adventure! We look forward to hearing from you when you get settled. Jen

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Have been thinking about you today and all weekend, and the packing and such. At least the worst is almost over--the anticipation and dread of packing and hauling off to somewhere else (been there, done that waaaayyyyy too many times), and soon the fun of being somewhere new.

How much snow did you get? We got a piddly 5-6 inches here in Camden (I'm about 75 minutes north of Deborah)...the first measurable snow since before Christmas. Heck, DC has had more snow than we have this year!

Will be checking in, but stay safe, stay sane, think that in 10 days you'll be there and the trek from here to there will be OVER, and it will be fun creating from here on out!

Hugs and love, Sarah

kathy said...

no words, deborah, for what maine is losing...have a safe journey and enjoy the road trip...we know you won't get lost with your new map system!