Friday, February 03, 2006

More Snippets

This threatens to be a post without pictures, beware.

We've seen some good movies over the past few days. We ALL enjoyed Spirited Away so much. It's like nothing we've ever seen before. I'm not saying it's one I could watch over and over, but we really loved it.

We also rented the documentary My Date with Drew. Also completely charming! I love documentaries. If our local video store had Mad Hot Ballroom, I would have surely seen it by now. (Please don't give me the Netflix lecture, we've crunched the numbers and determined the local place is cheaper... as long as you remember to return the movies on time.) Anyway, My Date with Drew is the story of a down-and-out 27 year-old young man trying to get a job in the entertainment industry. He wins $1100 on a game show, buys a video camera from Circuit City (which he intends to return within the 30 day limit since he can't really afford it), and sets out to get a date with his life-long crush: Drew Barrymore. The extra feature of how he and his friends set out to get the movie released is also fascinating. It's true, there is just something about Drew Barrymore. It makes for a good movie. It also makes me think about what in my life is my "date with drew" the thing that I should just *go for* no matter how silly it seems.

I'm thinking about registering for a workshop at the Art and Soul Retreat in Dallas in May. Has anyone attended one of these events? Teachers include the likes of Traci Bautista, Claudine Hellmuth, DJ Pettit, and Lesly Riley. They really are superstars in the whole collage and mixed-media artworld. It seems like a great opportunity since I'll be in Dallas. Fees are pretty high, but I wouldn't have to pay for lodging. I need to look carefully through the workshop choices for one that still fits my passion for quilts -- loosely defined, of course. Anyone want to join me? I'm serious.

I'm not sure this is a workshop I would consider, but isn't this divine?

Gabrielle and DebR... quick, get to your closets and make shoe art.

Hey, I did squeeze in a picture.

Art Quilts Maine is meeting tomorrow. It will be my last meeting. Sigh. We're working with angelina and handcarved stamps. Not neccesarily together... but it will be fun. I'm sure show and tell will be inspiring.

Kate ordered this book by my friend Gloria Page for our rubber stamp workshop. She said it's superfantastic.

Then the Frayed Edges are meeting on Monday. I look forward to our get-togethers so much! Also my last time with them. Until they come visit in Dallas, of course!

Brief thoughs on Project Runway: I was laughing so hard I was crying over the Red Lobster story. The dresses were just a subplot to the whole Tim Gunn impersonation, if you ask me.


Diane Perin said...

OOh, I've always wanted to take a class with Claudine Hellmuth. I really love her collages. I'll bet that which ever workshop you take will "inform" your quilt work, even if the medium for the workshop isn't fabric related. How you will take the info and apply it to fabric is what makes the information YOURS. And I love the shoe shrine! (Wouldn't a wall of high heeled shoes made into shrines be a great piece of wall art for a woman lawyer's office?!)

Debra said...

I would take Claudine Hellmuth or Leslie Riley in a flash!!

And I firmly believe that taking classes outside our passion expands things dramatically in our area.

I LOVE that shoe shrine... think I must play with that idea some day.

Joanne S said...

I also laughed through Runway. Everyone was so relaxed--it reminded me of a "Sit & Sew". I wouldn't have minded being included in that episode at all. The clothes? What clothes?

majamom said...

HI Deb,
Great to see you back in Artella,
What are the dates on Dallas retreat??.
I completely agree with your theory on PRW, it is definitely not Script free.
This weeks creations absolutely blew me away with their creativity!.
Come on by and say hello and meet my first grandbaby =)