Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Frayed Edges: Last Report

The Frayed Edges met yesterday here in my home. I can't even begin to express my gratitude and delight in these wonderful women -- friends and artists.

I'm sad to say this will be my last monthly Frayed Edges report since I'll be moving to TX in "T minus 9 days." The Frayed Edges will continue... but in new and different ways. I'll be eager to get blog reports from Sarah and Kathy.

Let's get to the good stuff...

Panini sandwiches with smoked turkey, pesto, tomato and mozzerella on rosemary olive oil bread, fresh pineapple and fresh green salad.

Now let's get to the even better stuff...

"Oh my gawd Rum Cake" made by Sarah. Rum, coffee, whipped cream and spongy luscious layers of cake.

Did I say, YUM?!

After lunch, the Frayed Edges were eager guinea pigs in trying out a concept for a workshop I'm developing.

The idea is based on my serieses of fiber cards (What is the plural of series?!). We worked specifically on ideas like repetition, negative space and balance. The flowers above are Kate's.

These houses are Hannah's... yes, a new Frayed Edge!

These are the beginnings of Sarah's cards.

I am planning to teach some small classes in my new studio in our home in TX. Ideas are forming. The classes will be casual, conversational, fun and inspiring. Come over to Deborah's Studio, have a cappacino and make art.

There are a couple more treasures from the Frayed Edges meeting. I'm saving them for tomorrow.


Sonji Hunt said...

Sad, yet good, right? The moving on has all these incredible possiblities for you. Teaching your own workshops in your french-doored studio. How cool is that?

9 days? Oh, I think the things I'm supposed to send you will have to go to the new house, girl. Watch out TEXAS...Here comes DEBORAH!!!

Deb R said...

I think the plural of "series" is "series". Like "deer" and "deer", yes? :-)

I'll miss your Frayed Edges reports, but I bet you'll meet some fabulicious people in Texas too and will be giving us wonderful arty adventure reports from there in record time.

Anonymous said...

Love Hannah's houses. Steph wants to teach crafty classees in my studio. I may give it a go too because it is so big. Hope you find a new group of fiber arteests to hang with!! I'm sure you will.

Melody Johnson said...

I love the idea of teaching in your home, which will be a great way to meet the new folks in the area.
Nine days? I know your house can't be finished yet, where are you going to stay? Did I miss that part?