Sunday, January 29, 2006


Look what came in the mail yesterday! Delightful!

For now, our desk is the new habitat for a hippo and a birdy. I included a bit of their surroundings so you can get the real "desktop jungle" feel. Thank you so much, Gerrie.

I also wanted to report back on the jewelry designer I fell in love with on my birthday outing last week. It was Laura Baxter. And here is the little pin I particularly swooned over. That piece that looks like it's just flat on the top is actually a flower opened to the top. You know?

Last week I threw this together. It's a needle book.

I adore Deanna Hartman's needle books. And her appearance on Crafter's Coast to Coast (now That's Clever... but Joanne says it's usually not) was a gas! You can buy a pattern for her needle books, or you can buy her actual needle books. Or you can read the step by step instructions on HGTV. I kind winged it.

I had a ridiculous little "needle nest" made of blue and clear plastic and a piece of magnet inside. The clasp was broken and I got irritated every time I used it. Irritation does not make for good handwork.

I used two pieces of felt inside to create four pages. I could even keep needles with different colors of floss already threaded. Then I wouldn't have to switch out all the time.

Here's the outside. It's an orphan piece I created in a class from Diane Hire. This was way before the whole red hat explosion, I swear. Anyway, I liked the piece and this seemed like I good way to use it.

I could add some kind of clasp. I could put my name on it somewhere. I could sew a little pocket in which to put inspirations or scissors or thimbles or whatever. Or I could just stash it away and use it. In fact I think I will, I've got some hand sewing to do tonight during the SAG awards.


Anonymous said...

So much fun to see the Hippo Birdy in your surroundings. I love, love that jewelry!

Deb R said...

That pin looks like it was custom-designed for you. No wonder you were swooning over it!

Jen said...

I love the needle case you made, and until you mentioned it I never even thought of the "red hat" thing. I love the colors together.
Great jewelry! Jen

Miriam said...

very colorful and special. you're like me and sew instead of pack!

PaMdora said...

Your needle case turned out wonderful!