Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'll Chime In...

on the late night posting. It's just past midnight and Joanne and DebR have already dished about Project Runway. Of course, I had to watch a bit of the rerun that immediately followed the original 10 pm airing, because I was cleaning up vomit during the first few minutes of the show. Oh and yes, I missed the last few minutes of LOST because of said vomit. Let's just forget about that for the moment.

Yes, I thought Andreaeae and Daniel deserved to win. The dress was fine. The window was fine. Their secret weapon: the model rocks. Seriously, she gave them some edge.

Why must "day to evening" always revolve around the concept of taking off a jacket to reveal something hot and skimpy beneath? Dull. I wish Diana could have pulled off her original skirt design. I think a pencil skirt that turns into something flouncy, like a little sparkly train might have been interesting.

I think Kara was crying so much because her pony tail is just too tight. She needs some layers to frame her face. Listen to me going all Nick Arrojo.

I'm still all about Nick. How funny to see him getting all giddy about Sacha Cohen next week.

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