Thursday, December 01, 2005

Swimming in Yummy Color

Look at this wonderful fabric. I am loving it.

When I went the the World Quilt Expo in Manchester, NH in August, I bought two kits from ProChem for dying 30 fat eights in a 30 step gradation. My mother had purchased a similar kit when we went to the same show the previous year and she shared several fat eights with me them. I used them to make several postcards and I loved the way the instantly look great together because they've been dyed all from the same series.

She had agreed to do the dying again for me and I picked Earthy Blend using Mustard Yellow, Bordeaux and Deep Navy. It's pictured above.

And also Painted Desert with Olive, Pagoda Red and Deep Purple pictured below.

I am so thankful that she was willing to get creative with this project. I am so not interesting in dying. The chemicals, the containers, the mess... it's just too much for me. But, of course, I still want the results. She did some wonderful scrunching, folding and tying and there are many different textures and variety of color.

You may be able to pick out the spread of the 30 fat eighths in each picture, but there is also a full yard with a mix of the colors and a few other stray pieces. I also bought some cheese cloth at Home Depot and she threw that in too.

I swear you could just wrap that cheese cloth around your neck and be superfantastic!

Now, the big question... should I prefuse it all and plan to use in only in fused pieces? Or should I save some thinking I might do journal covers, bags, small pieced quilts or other projects? I think I already knew what I'm going to do, but I'd love for you to weigh in.

I've already cut into a few pieces for the project that I'm currently working on... which is a Christmas present, so you won't hear anymore about it until after the holiday. Though I did make lots of progress during ANTM and LOST last night. Another question: Why do you think Kate kissed Jack? (Well, yeah, he's hot. But what was her real motivation?)


Gerrie said...

Oh, you are missing out on so much fun by not getting into the dye pot!! I usually fuse half of my hand dyes in case I want to do something that is pieced. Shhh! Don't tell Mrs. Mel that I don't fuse everything!!

Debra said...

Hmm... well is Sawyer can have the spirit of her birth father... might Jack hold some of the spirit of her daddy?? (so the hot men on the island are father figures to her??? And she'll find "redemption" through them?)

Heck, I don't know.

Deb R said...

1. I would prefuse part and leave part unfused for other things.

2. I dunno about Kate, unless she was trying to prove to herself that she doesn't really care that much about Sawyer. I'm not sure the writers even know why she does some of the stuff she does.

Melody Johnson said...

You can fuse fabric onto paper y'know.

I understand not wanting to fuse everything (Gerrie).
I had to find new old fabric in my stash and then had to fuse it all. Even that took time away from creating. Not to mention that I had to dye nine nuetrals and wash and iron them.
It's all part of the art though.
PS your daughter is so adorable.