Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I did some Christmas shopping...

and for myself, I bought magazines. I really enjoy magazines... slick little bites of luxery or how-to or style. I'm especially intrigued by new magazines. I'm a sucker for a "premiere issue." In fact, I bought two.

That the premiere issue of Cookie on the top. It's tag line is: All The Best for Your Family. (And by "best" they mean really really shi-shi expensive stuff.) Another tag line on the cover says, "Inspiration and information for the woman within the mother." Now that really got me. I love that idea!

I've only skimmed the magazine and it's clearly not for me and the kind of people I hang out with -- birthday parties with fancy cheese plates (hello? we do cheese sticks and prepackaged grated stuff), family trips to luxery spas (we're happy with pizza and a movie) and very expensive clothes (me? Target and hand-me-downs). There is still some good stuff here, and I'll cut it up to make collages when I'm done. But I'm not subscribing.

And why is it called "Cookie?" I don't know. Not any mention of the choice in the issue.

The other premiere issue is on the bottom of the picture: Everyday with Rachel Ray. It's quite good. Nicely designed, easy to read and find info, casual voice, short articles, tons of recipes. In fact, I may try some.

Pumpkin Poleta with Chorizo and Black Beans
Cheddar-Crusted Chicken with Smooshy Applesauce
Chocolate Banna Bread Pudding
Ginger Salmon
Asian Meatballs with Spicy Lime Dipping Sauce
Tortilla Chips with Black Beans and Spicy Cilantro Cream
Chandra's Chicken Curry

There is a recipe that I don't think I'll try -- it's the one that is designed for both dogs and humans to eat. No thanks.

Lastly, I bought the December/January issue of Mary Engelbriet's Home Companion. Tons of great design and style ideas here. If I had nothing but time, I'd fill our hall closet with cloth covered holiday hangers -- different ones for each season. The artist profile of Lynn Perrella is inspiring, too.

Can you believe I blabbed on for a whole post about magazines?!


Diane Perin said...

I have the same magazine love, and I just bought that Rachel Ray one, too! I think I love the idea that my life could be like that...you know, elegant yet simple meals and parties and all. In reality, it's quesadillas and cartoons. But I can enjoy dreaming!

Joanne S said...

Haven't seen the Rachel Ray but I've been loving the Home Companion since the premier issue. I like Veranda for over the top luxury. Magazines--just love them and when you're done--rip them up. Love ripping!!!