Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cranberry Pudding Primer

Cranberry Pudding is the traditional Massie family dessert for Christmas Eve. Actually, it's a Salisbury tradition since it comes from my mom's side. I believe Aunt Pat still makes it and it's possible some of my other cousins make it.

It is so good in so many ways... not the least of which is the tradition of it!

Start with cranberries. Best to buy them before December 23, lest they be out of Ocean Spray the grocery store.

And you have to splurge for organic berries from the fancy market all the way down in Portland. (Make note of this for next year.)

Begin cutting berries in half before you've gotten dressed or brushed your hair.

Add molassas, soda, powder, etc. (I'll give you the detailed recipe if you wish. I think you might even be able to find it in the Dec 2004 archives.)

Toss the berries with flour then mix with the rest of the batter.

Oh this is the very exciting part. This is a twist on the tradition. I'll forever be the rebel of the family now that I don't cook the pudding in a double boiler. Rather I use the..... crock pot!

Tightly wrap a glass mixing bowl with foil. (Chose a container that you can invert to a pretty shape.)

Wrap that in a dish cloth to make for easy removal from the crock pot.

Set on low and cook all day... or until after the early Christmas Eve church service.

Lick the bowl.

Plate the dessert with heirloom family candle holders! (If I had planned ahead I would have gone out and picked some evergreens to garnish with.)

I forgot to take pictures of the sauce. Let me just say this: cream, sugar, butter. Delish!

Benjamin devoured two servings! Luckily the other side of the family is visiting this weekend, so it's likely I'll make it again. Then we'll just have the memory until next year!

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Melody Johnson said...

O this is so British. I can bet that there is heritage from there in your family. Figgy pudding and everything.