Monday, November 28, 2005

Check me out!

Look at that! My guardian angel is published in the Winter issue of Quilting Arts. Wow. It's so thrilling and feels like such an honor to know that someone thought it was worthy of putting on that full page and showing both the front and the back.

I'm very excited, to say the least!

Way back in January when I made the angel, when I considered what the "guardian spirit" of my artwork is, the first thing that came to mind was "time." Then I went on a wild goose chase for watch parts and faces. (Not really I wild goose chase, I just went straight to ebay and found more than I could ever want.) Then I read a wonderful quote and decided to include that. The angel just grew from those elements and I mixed in lots of other stuff along the way.

Here's the quote:

In this there is no measuring with time. A year doesn't matter; ten years are nothing. To be an artist means not to compute or count... It will come regardless. But it comes only to those who live as though eternity stretches before them, carefree, silent and endless. Patience is all. Rainer Maria Rilke

I'm not sure I believe this entirely. But I like the idea.

I also included a superfantastic little tile that Sonji sent me. I think it's made from shrinky dink plastic and has the following quote on it: It a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time. Marcel Proust, "Rememberance of Things Past"

Yes yes, dream all the time. So, what exactly is my dream?


Anonymous said...

So glad your mag came. I envisions the issue of QA openned up on your Thanksgiving table, with a ring of fabric fruit around it, perhaps some dressing... candlelit.

are you thankful for having your art PUBLISHED????

I am so very proud to know you, fellow artist.

Anonymous said...

So glad your mag came. I envisioned the issue of QA openned up on your Thanksgiving table, with a ring of fabric fruit around it, perhaps some dressing... candlelit. "Mommy is thankful for having her art PUBLISHED!" ..."Turkey? Oh."

I am so very proud to know you, fellow artist.

Deb R said...

Oh yay, it finally came!

It's cool to see a pic of the angel next to the mag, get a sense of the size.

And you look pretty! :-)

Anonymous said...

Deb! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! i am such a duffer with names, I didn't realise it was YOUR angel I was busy drooling over for AGES when I got the mag today. you ROCK!!

Melody Johnson said...

And YOU look wonderful in that picture. You look like someone Norman Rockwell would have painted. So all American. Congratulations, I am so happy for you.

Sonji Hunt said...

Congratulations, Deborah! Such a thrill! Now we are both "published" artists.

Oh, I don't think that it was me who sent you that lovely quote. I'm the queen of shrink plastic words, but that particular quote isn't in my repertoire. I don't want to steal someone else's credit for the gift!

gabrielle said...

Kudos, Deborah. I am just having a hard time deciding who is cuter you or the angel.

Unknown said...

Great job on the angel! I'm so happy for you! Great picture of you too!

Terry Grant said...

Add me to the list of congratulators! There is something so exciting about seeing your work in print, no?
I will run right out and try to find a copy of the magazine. It is one I don't subscribe to, just buy when it seems like a special treat is needed. I think I need that treat today!

Olenka said...

Seeing one's work in print IS a wonderful feeling! I will go home tonight and admire your angel doll in the magazine. Congratulations!

Kim Carney said...

That is so fantastic!

Alma Stoller said...

Oh wonderful. Congratulations.
I don't have my issue yet, but I am so looking forward to it now.
Can't wait to see it.

Karoda said...

i'm so late to this party! how could this be!? well, i'll just keep the festivities going by saying congratulations to you! how awesome!

Miriam said...

WOW! I'd seen that and loved it! Congrats congrats congrats!