Saturday, October 15, 2005

Just a Bit

Soccer was cancelled for the third time in four weeks because of rain. Not that it matters, since Claire has a fever and wouldn't have been able to play anyway. I think we're in for a pretty low weekend. Remember when I was complaining so much about the rain this summer and I made that picnic quilt? I guess I need a new project to combat the weather. Or I could quilt the picnic quilt. It's all sandwiched and ready to go.

Of course, I must say Thank You Thank You Thank You for all your enthusiastic and generous compliments about the postcards. I really appreciate it and rather than thanking you each personally, please accept this joyful gratitude! And just wait... I've got another postcard series almost ready to post.

One more thing, my friend Joanne has started a blog! She a wonderful quilt artist and there are just two posts at the moment, but they are witty and interesting... even though there are not yet any pictures. I know you're going to enjoy reading her quilting thoughts. I hope she's not overwhelmed that I've linked her.

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Gerrie said...

Oh! For a minute I thought you were going to thank us by sending us a postcard!!