Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wild Life in Our Own Back Yard

Well... front yard actually. Yesterday, Jeff did a bunch of work outside getting the house ready to sell. Autumn is starting to creep in. It's delightful to just be outside. Kids rode bikes and dropped lots of leaves and sticks down the drain to hear the "kerplunk" sound.

A spider did some work between the tall stalks of the hostas, then got doused with the sprinker.

So she had to hide out in the tent of a folded up leaf.

Isn't she fancy? I mean you have to be pretty sure of yourself to wear that shade of yellow! You go, girl!


jenclair said...

Great photos! That has to me the most fashionable spider I've ever seen!

gabrielle said...

Love the photo...maybe by the time you get to Texas it will be cooler. High today 89F and rain tomorrow 92F and sun...fall won't really start until October. Keep me posted on your journey toward the Lone Star State.