Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm Home

House hunting is hard work. All things considered, I'd rather be sewing. But I'm thrilled to say that when we move to our new home, I'll have my own studio with beautiful French doors and nice big windows.

I feel so blessed to have a family who supports the idea of providing time and space for me to do the things I love! If it's something I do (or want to do) EVERY DAY, I need space. We're having a home built in a great community in Lewisville, TX. It should be done by the end of March.

In the mean time... we've got a thousand moving details to be taken care of.

Not much creative to report. I have some things in the works, but nothing to share or show right now.


Jen said...

What a wonderful thing to look forward to, your own beautiful space! Moving is hard work and stressful, but how excitng that you will have a brand new home! That's one thing we have never done, build a house of our own choosing. Jen

Gerrie said...

Welcome back. We missed you! Lucky you! In our new house I want two studios - one for sewing and one for messy work!! I have to wait six months to start looking!

Alma Stoller said...

Deborah, you are soooo very lucky.
You moving comes as news to me, I had no idea.

Karoda said...

here, here what the others have said...your own brand new studio! I'd be delirious with joy! Heck I'm delirious with joy just thinking about it for you!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on coming to a decision so quickly with your husband! I though we would never find something we both liked in Chicago. Everything I liked he didn't and everything he liked I was not willing to live in through the fix up period. Did that 4 times already. How great for you to have everything brand new!

Sonji Hunt said...

Envious of the studio with the french doors. Not envious that someone will have to clean that glass.

Happy that you are having your home built with purposefully designed space for your emerging career. YIPEEE.

Elle said...

That is very cool that you'll have a new home with space that has taken into account your work!