Saturday, September 17, 2005

As Promised...

More from Frayed Edges...

Check out this amazing bug that Kathy is working on. She's anxious about using a contrasting thread for the free motion quilting in the wide white border. She's thinking white on white. We all told her she was way good enough to use blue or green or whatever...

And check out the green angelina getting ready to be sewn on the purple eye balls! Superfantastic!

You may recognize the techniques and style of the bug from Susan Carlson's recent work. But this one is all Kathy's!

Can you even believe how snappy this apron is?!

It's the green and the purple! Kathy made it for me and I adore it. I even want to wear it to the bus stop to meet Claire when she comes home from school. Does that make me a real housewife?

Ah... the much discussed map.

All that green background border will be cropped. We think it looks just amazing and more importantly, the person who commissioned it is pleased.

I believe it's based on the Merrymeeting Bay. Kate will surely let me know if I'm mistaken.

Here's a detail of the elevation gradations.

Kate has decided to quilt the contour lines which, of course, it the best choice. She's also going to couch some fiber for roads, but there will be no actual names of places on the quilt. If you know and love the place, you don't need to have the names there.

And then we had lunch... I'm drooling again just thinking about it.

Toasted English muffin, good ranch dressing (meaing not the fat-free Kraft kind), avocados and picked-that-morning tomatos. We also had rich sourdough bread with herbed butter. You can't have too much bread.

Kate also shared all of the sample pieces she did in Velda Newman's class. We all agreed this folded, wrapped and bleached item was the most magnificent. In fact, I saw Kate again yesterday and she showed me several more folded, wrapped and bleached masterpieces. What will she do with them?! We agreed that the rough, frayed, bleachy edges have great potential. Exposed seams?

Sarah shared her lovely journal pieces which you will have to scout out at Houston or see on her website in November. She also brought a treasure trove of beads and sequins recently purchased from here. I am warning you, if you are a bead-aholic, you should slowly step away from the computer and forget I ever mentioned this. I wish I would have taken a picture of the sparkly pile. Sarah, you must take a picture and post it on your blog.

As many of you have commented, I am incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful small art quilt group with whom to share art, food and life. I will miss them tremendously when I move to Texas.


Anonymous said...

"Surely", I will tell you if you are mistaken! Ignoring the subtle jab, I will correct you, Deborah! The map quilt shows Pierce Pond and it's watershed, in Somerset County, Maine. I'll scan you a photo of the completed map quilt of Merrymeeting Bay and you will see the difference. I feel sad that I am sending you off to Texas without much exposure to the wilds of Maine. But you ARE such a girlie-girl. Maybe when you are 50 and a more wild woman, you'll come back to go camping with me. p.s. Now that Rock Star is over, please don't introduce me to any more reality t.v.! I'm losing touch with my OWN reality (like going to bed when I should). See you soon, pal.

Sonji Hunt said...

Love the lunch.
Love the BUG.
Love the apron (coveting that).
Love everything.
Such a creative bunch.