Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm Back

We returned yesterday from a great trip to Belleville, IL (near St. Louis across the river) to visit family. Kids traveled great. Fun was had by all. Here is a brief synopsis. (Very brief... we have way more wonderful pictures and memories than will be posted on this blog.)

The whole posse met us at the airport. Cousins Benjamin and Zach, who are only 4 months apart, were instant buds. I can't express how much I wish that we all lived closer together...

The kids (and Grandpa) had a super time playing in the backyard!

Of course a trip to the world class St. Louis Zoo. I especially loved the Conservation Carousel. Every animal is endangered and is spectacularly designed and painted. After much debate, Claire chose the cheetah.

Benjamin chose the frog. Obviously.

This is where you should see a picture of Zach riding the... I can't even remember. Nor do I know why the picture didn't upload.

We love Ted Drewes Custard. Never can go wrong with ice cream.

Jeff and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary while we were away. Grandma and Grandpa were gracious enough to provide care for the kids while we spent a night in St. Louis. We stayed at the same hotel we did on our wedding night overlooking the Mississippi river and the arch. We also had a super fantastic, very fancy, luxerous, delicious meal at Tony's. Jeff gave me this beautiful diamond and sapphire bracelet. You can also see the stunning diamond and sapphire ring wrap he gave me for our tenth anniversary. They are a beautiful match. Just like us! (Cheesy. But, honestly, I am enormously blessed to share my life with Jeff. He is everything to me.)

And to top it all off, I bought new shoes tonight. I had been thinking I needed (well... not really "needed") some sporty sandals. We were at Bean tonight (that's what us Mainers call the LLBean flagship store in Freeport.) buying new parts for our bike rake for our impeding trip to New York. (Yes, I'll be away from the blog again.) I found this spunky set on sale. And then I painted my toe nails to match.

I could say so much more about our wonderful family, the delicious anniversary meal, my richly blessed marriage, Rock Star INXS, a Ted Drewes retrospecitive, and even a bit of fiber art... another time.


Gerrie said...

Oooh! A husband who gives bling - hang on to him! And congratulations on your anniversary.

gabrielle said...

I'm with the bling and of course, new shoes with matching toes perfect. Congrats on finding a good man....lucky lady.

Sonji Hunt said...

A lovely time WAS had by all. It was fun just reading about it. Great pix of the family and shoes/toes (which, btw, would make a great quilt...purple with strips of the green). And of course...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Isn't it great to have such a satisfying relationship?

Deb R said...

Love the shoes and matching toenails!

The bracelet and matching ring wrap are loverly too!