Monday, July 04, 2005

Super Fantastic Visit from Super Fantastic Friends

We've known the Cooks for about 10 years now. That was before Jeff and Chuck were pilots, before we had kids and back when Katy and I both had jobs outside the home. Every June, Katy's family spends some time on Cape Cod and this year, they ventured up the coast to come see us. How delightful!!!

Of course, when you visit Maine, you must eat lobster. We went to the same place we'd visited last week with my family. It was perfect. The coast, the lobster, the large enclosed lawn in which the kids could play, the breezy coolish weather and the company!

Watch out -- lobster juice incoming!

I've learned so much about taking pictures that really tell the story by reading blogs (especially little birds). So I chose this picture of the kids playing because of the truck carrying huge stacks of lobster pots.

Charlie and Benjamin love chocolate!

"I love it drip on me!"

The fog was rolling in by the time we posed for a group picture. Can you believe those spider legs Ellie has?

And here's one of me and Katy to show you the Maine coast!

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Deb R said...

It's been years since I've been to Maine and your photos are making me want to visit! The ocean! Fresh lobster! Aaaahhhh....