Thursday, July 14, 2005

Frayed Edges Meets Tomorrow!

Yeah! I think all four of us are looking forward to a creative shot! Here is my page for Sarah's round robin book. She picked aphrodisiac foods for her theme. It's an 8x8 journal with plastic sleeves. My contribution is all paper... which was a delightful challenge.

I'm hoping the Frayed Edges don't check my blog today -- I think we are supposed to reveal our pages tomorrow. You all get a sneak peek.

The back page is made of paint chips with names incorporating different types of food. I had fun perusing the Home Depot paint department.

And then there is this tag that pulls out from between the two pages. Just some journaling and doodling about the project.

We're off to spend the weekend in New Hampshire. Letterboxing clues and bug spray all packed.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your site and I love it! Very textural and boldly visual even if it's only 2D. Your work is beautiful. I came across your name on Lisa's site.

Many moons ago my husband resigned from the Navy. We had 2 teeny tots and it was scary indeed. But neither one of us ever looked back!

Diane Perin said...

Your collage is gorgeous! Any thought of creating that in fabric?! Have fun in NH letterboxing...hope you post about your adventures!

Gerrie said...

Oh! I love that collage and the little tags. Lucky Sarah.

Val said...

Love your paper collage. Looks like a sophisticated archichoke.

Debra said...

Love your collage. Artichokes are aphrodiacs??? Who knew?? (well, obviously I didn't...)