Monday, June 27, 2005

Yes... it's one of those out-stretched arm pictures.

Benjamin and I joined Claire's class for their year-end trip to Popham Beach last week. I'll confess... I am so NOT a beach person. Generally I detest the whole saga of packing for and doing the whole beach thing, then lugging everything back to the car feeling tired, sticky, sandy and crabby... often while carrying a tired, sticky, sandy, crabby child.. and walking barefoot on the hot asphalt of the parking lot.

But, this was a new day for me. We had a blast. I am reveling in the magical ages of 6 and 3. My kids are manageable! I need not been at arms length 24/7. They both pee in the potty. They have the capacity to understand a bit of reason. They say funny things and ask interesting questions. They have huge smiles and run about filled with joy. (Usually.)

So, I think more beach trips are in our future. I'll be packing less. I'll do a better job with the sun screen. I'll bring more pails and shovels and fewer snacks. I think you can do a whole beach day with bottled water and Pringles.

In fact, we're going back to Popham tomorrow. My parents, sister and brother-in-law are visiting Maine. Thus the lack of blogging... and the lack of art making.

So stay tuned for a report with pictures of our recent outings with the family. And anticipate waiting another week or so for any art.


Sonji Hunt said...

Claire looks exactly like you, Deborah! You are all so adorable and look very BEACHY and happy. I'm glad that you feel like the beach adventures are going to be more enjoyable. It has to be since you aren't going to lug diapers and all the baby equipment anymore. Big exploration fun and relaxation from now on.

Deb R said...

I love the out-stretched arm picture! You all look like you're having such fun!

Lisa said...

Isn't Popham wonderful? I spent many summer days down there. Our family had a summer place at Sebasco (built by my own great grandfather) so it was a quick trip for us. I'm not a beach person either, but there's something about Popham... I hope you were there at low tide and walked out to the island. Just watch out for the riptides. My favroite parts were the warm pools of water left when the tide goes out. Maine ocean water is much too cold! Reid State Park is supposed to be nice, also, in a different way, but there are gigantic horseflies there at certain times during the summa ;-)

Elle said...

Cute photo!

Unknown said...

watch it!! I thought my kids were this age too...but they are not..the last of them leaves my house on sunday...kinda sad...Ginger ps yours are wonderful!