Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Whole Slew of Pictures

My mom and dad and sister and brother-in-law came to visit last week. It was the first time we've all been together since Matt and Joanna's wedding. (Hmmmm, I have good pix from that event too, maybe I'll post some of those just for context.)

We had such a delightful time just hanging out and also taking lots of outings to see what's going on in the world here in Maine.

On Friday, we visited the Farmers' Market and had hot dogs for lunch.

Then we walked around the Bowdoin College campus and visited the Arctic Museum (Peary was a Bowdoin grad.) and the new Asian Garden (lame lame lame! -- thus no pictures.).

Grandpa has a fancy smore maker that he often brings with him when he visits. We enjoyed dessert out of the deck. You can see that Grandpa likes his marshmellows BURNED.

Saturday night just the grown-ups went out for dinner. We had a great dinner at a casual place on the coast in Harpswell.

Aren't Matt and Joanna a handsome couple?

Claire enjoyed sharing her rock collection with all the guests. She is particularly interested -- and animated -- in organizing her treasures.

Of course, we took a family portrait before church on Sunday. Everyone's smiling! Miraculous!

Sunday afternoon we went hiking at Wolf Neck State Park. It's totally my favorite place for hiking. The coast line, the wooden stairways and bridges, the rocky paths, the stone stairs, the nesting osprey, the shells and seaglass... it's all good!

Isn't is lovely? (As long as you have lots of bug spray on!)

Benjamin says, "I no push down on Grandpa's hat."

And then on Monday we went to Popham Beach. This is the island that you can walk to at low tide, it's way way off the coast line. (I'm bad at estimating distance.)

Can't go wrong with burying kids in sand.

It was a great visit. Thanks to everyone for making it happen. Let's do it again soon!


Elle said...

Smores! Seafood! Burying in sand! It looks like everyone's having so much fun! I love Claire's expression! You can tell that she's really into her collection.

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing your great family pictures, I especially love seeing the kids. What wonderful memories you are creating for them! It makes me remember childhood trips to Lake Michigan. Jen

Deb R said...

What great photos! That top one of the kids made me grin the second it popped up. It all looks like such a fun time!

Gerrie said...

My grandkids are here!! I'll be posting pics later,. Looks like you had lots of fun which we plan to do, too!

Diane Perin said...

Looks like an idyllic family visit! Glad you had such a great time!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have seen pictures of Joanna for a long time. You two sure look a lot alike since you are "grown up" now! Thanks for posting the pictures!