Saturday, June 04, 2005

Just a short little post

I'm on my way to the Art Quilts Maine meeting. I'll report and post pictures when I return.

In the mean time, I came across this quote. Since Gabrielle started the discussion about inspiration and many others have made note of wonderful quotes, I thought I'd add mine.

It's from The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron. Of course, you know Cameron is the author of The Artist's Way. I have not read TAW, but I know lots of artists swear it changed their lives. The Sound of Paper, does not seem to be living up to Cameron's reputation. But, since I'm reading and discussing it with a group of online friends, I'm obligated (and delighted in some ways) to keep reading.

I think this quote is a bit more about self confidence than inspiration, but they are tied together in many ways. No?

"When we feel we are at zero, we are never at zero. We are at the point of connection, the tiny vanishing point of consciousness where the "I" is born. We are, perhaps, the tiny dot on the "i" before we capitalize it and make something of ourselves."

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Debra said...

I have started TAW 3 times with groups online. I never finish it. Somewhere around week 8 or so... I am so completely done with her.

And I cannot do morning pages. Though my blogging is kind of my substitute.

It's funny people one of the "regular" assignments easy to do... either the morning pages speak to them, or the artist's date fills their soul. The other becomes chore. Or punishment.

I loved the artist's dates... and continued those for ages afterward. And now when I'm feeling particularly empty... I know that that is a simple step to take to reconnect with myself.

But on the whole, I found TAW another distraction.