Thursday, May 12, 2005

Latest Trend

I joined in the latest trend... making fabric postcards. I wanted to send something "nice" for my sister's birthday and Mother's Day, but didn't have a chance to shop and there isn't really anything especially nice or personal at Hallmark anyway, right.

So I made these. It was really fun. Gerrie gave me some good tips. She just sews cardstock on the back so they are easy to address and write a message. I figured if I was going to do this "fabric" thing, that the novelty of it is that it's FABRIC, so I did fabric on the back. But, if I did it again, I'd eschew the purist in me and use cardstock.

I had them hand cancelled. The post man said they were lovely and didn't bat an eye about posting them.

And they all arrived fine.

Birthday post card for my sister

Mother's Day postcard (for my delightful mother-in-law)

Another Mother's Day postcard (for my delightful mother) Posted by Hello

Mom hand dyed all this delicious fabric from a kit she bought at the World Quilt Expo from ProChem. She dyed 30 fat eights and shared several with me. I'm very lucky. She even shared some of the fat eigths that were already fused! Instant art.


Gerrie said...

These are great! I love the dyed fabric from your mom - lucky you. Have fun with the famous Mrs. Mel!!

Sonji Hunt said...

Very pretty postcards. They are quite pretty and different to receive. It's so nice that you and your Mother are able to actively share the fabric obsession. Now, Deborah...the look of these lovely postcards would be superfantastic if all combined in an art quilt.

Karoda said...

oh yeah you! another postcard art quilter in the mix :) where they surprised to find them in their mailboxes?

Debra said...

Loverly cards. And loverly fabric.

I still much prefer to sew my fabric creations onto Strathmore Watercolor postcards.

momma helen said...

Ohh! I love these! Would you send me more detailed info about how to do them?
You've inspired me, and I'm having my first private quilting class on Thursday. I've decided I need to learn some of the basics before I run head-long into my way-out creative side. Yipee!