Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Great Frayed Edges Get Together

Frayed Edges met yesterday. We had such a great day. I've mastered my "moka" and purchased a milk frother so I can make the real deal cappuccino. Kate brought an amazing African peanut soup. Kathy brought Irish soda bread. (Aren't we international!?) And Sarah brought brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Delish.

I shared my in progress rock quilt. Pix soon.

Sarah shared her wonderful "Flying Toast." And her "red quilt" which is on it way to Scotland in an exchange with another fiber artist.

We swapped some yarn, ribbons and other fibers and chatted about general goings on!

Last time we met, we swapped note book covers. I can't believe I didn't photograph them last time. But here they are now. Aren't they fun!? I especially love art that is also utilitarian.

And here's one I made for Sonji.

Here's what it looks like opened up. A 5 x 7 notebook just slides in. Sarah even found 5 x 7 notebooks in a grid and another with blank pages. So much better than LINES.

And here's a close up of the one I made for Sonji. Posted by Hello

We also painted paper towels and made some collages ala the workshop article in the recent Cloth Paper Scissors. Mine turned out pretty well. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. I mean, it is still paper towels. Pix of that later too.

Oh and we also decided to do a round robin book project. I think we all agreed to make some kind of "bones" for our personal books and pick a theme. Then we'll pass the project each month and we'll each make pages to fit into the "bones" that each person created. Jazzed up three ring binders basically.

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Melody Johnson said...

Paper towels quilt up beautifully. Years ago at Paducah a bunch of us got free batting and wanted to try machine quilting it (we brought our machines just in case!) and we used paper towels as our fabric, not wanting to use precious fabric for experiments.
Years pass....I am teaching machine quilting and want to make up a booklet of my designs, but have no white fabric that I feel like using for these samples (which will only be xeroxed) so I again resort to white paper towels, perfect!
One more example: I soaked up some dye with paper towels and they dried so beautifully that I used them as embellisment on a small art quilt. It sold!!
hmmm. I should try that again...