Sunday, May 01, 2005

I Wore the Orange Jacket!

Wow. We really had a fun time tonight at our "meet the artists" event.

I must thank each an every one of you for your comments on my wardrobe. As you can see below, I chose the orange jacket and felt faboo! I think Mel is right about the shoulders. They are a bit weird. Possibly that was the reason for the 95 cent price tag. And I made it to the bead store and bought three chunky beads that I strung on black leather and two coordinating beads which I turned into earrings.

Four Fabulous Frayed Edges!

Sarah debuted her "frayed edges" vest made with Kathy's hand dyed fabric, green fabric Kate brought us from New Mexico and my fabric beads. Kate bought her super funky shirt off the "retro chic" rack at Goodwill and is eager to hear Sonji's review of this choice. Kathy had a bunch of friends and family in attendance so we got to meet her delightful husband, Bruce! And that's me. Kate made those nametags for us... don't we look "professional?"

Frayed Feet Posted by Hello

I love me some purple nail polish! Kate went with a little kitten heel. Oh la la!

I think we had between 30 and 40 people stop by. Including lots of kids which was delightful. I sold one of my fiber collages and after clearing up some confusion on the part of the owner about our selling arrangements, he wrote me a check. Yippee!


Deb R said...

You all looked super fantastic (as the Manolo would say). And of course I love the shoe shot. :-)

And congrats on your sale! Yay You!!

Karoda said...

You all do look super fantastic! Great on the sale...did you threaten the owner that if he didn't pay up...there would be 60 plus AQ bloggers paying him a visit in the middle of the night hehehehe

Diane Perin said...

Wow ! A sale on your first night! And you looked fabulous, too! Congratulations!

Sonji Hunt said...

You all look SUPER FANTASTIC! Beautiful. I LOVE KATE's shirt. It is very flattering (color, pattern and fit) and she got a good price. Is she sending it to me? The shoes are wonderful (love the toes) and you all look like you are having a great time. That is the most important thing. Congratulations on selling a piece on opening night...and getting paid on the spot! Go girl!

Jen said...

Looks like the Frayed Edges were all having fun! Love all the ensembles, and congratualtions on your sale! Sounds like it was all great good fun and a wonderful success! Jen

Nikki said...

Love the shoes and congratulations on your sale!

PaMdora said...

Maybe Frayed Edges name isn't quite right - you all look too together to be really "frayed." Congrats on your sale!That's awesome. Your hair looks cute too. I wish I could grow mine out, but it's too fine and I have no patience.