Monday, April 11, 2005

I Cleaned My Studio

The Frayed Edges are meeting tomorrow. Yippee! So, I cleaned my studio -- not that they would expect me to, but I've finished up the current works, so I usually like to have a clean slate before starting the next project.

I've got several little things to do to prepare for our show at The Little Dog Coffee Shop: labels, sleeves, hooks, trim threads. So, that will probably take up the rest of this week. Then my parents come to occupy the studio for a long weekend. So, at least it had to get clean by then.

Plus, I get a kick out of seeing pictures of studios... so I thought I'd share mine.

I looked briefly at a cool site called Wonderful Graffitti today. They make vinyl letters. And I thought it might be cool to order some artsy-inspirational quote to put on the slanted white ceiling. It's a severe angle so you can't hang anything on it, but sticky letters might be cool.

And speaking of studios: check out this one! Yowza!

Studio/Guest Room Before (all my fabric and stuff goes in the closet)

Studio/Guest Room After (I can even put that ironing board in the closet and I will when the guests come.) Posted by Hello


Jen said...

Your room looks very homey. I like the blue on the wall very much.
Studio space is such a personal thing, we all just try to organize all the STUFF we have as best we can. I remember being impressed by Jane Sassman's dining room work space (I saw it in a magazine), so a studio is not even a necessity, even though we love them. Jen

Karoda said...

As much as I would love to visit the space just to browse through it...there is no way I could work in it for too long with out becoming spastic.

I work off the kitchen table and bookshelves in our bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Oh my....I have that very same wrapping paper!! I am impressed by how well the space cleans up. My studio space never looks that good!!