Monday, April 11, 2005

I Cleaned My Studio

The Frayed Edges are meeting tomorrow. Yippee! So, I cleaned my studio -- not that they would expect me to, but I've finished up the current works, so I usually like to have a clean slate before starting the next project.

I've got several little things to do to prepare for our show at The Little Dog Coffee Shop: labels, sleeves, hooks, trim threads. So, that will probably take up the rest of this week. Then my parents come to occupy the studio for a long weekend. So, at least it had to get clean by then.

Plus, I get a kick out of seeing pictures of studios... so I thought I'd share mine.

I looked briefly at a cool site called Wonderful Graffitti today. They make vinyl letters. And I thought it might be cool to order some artsy-inspirational quote to put on the slanted white ceiling. It's a severe angle so you can't hang anything on it, but sticky letters might be cool.

And speaking of studios: check out this one! Yowza!

Studio/Guest Room Before (all my fabric and stuff goes in the closet)

Studio/Guest Room After (I can even put that ironing board in the closet and I will when the guests come.) Posted by Hello


Carol Logan Newbill said...

Re: the Yowza! studio -- she has a huge amount of space and almost as many books as I do, and her space is beautifully set up. But all that "stuff" (finsihed art dolls, quilts, bits and pieces) on the walls and around the edges would drive me totally insane. Nowhere to rest one's eyes.

Eventually I will clean my studio and might even post some pictures.

Jen said...

Your room looks very homey. I like the blue on the wall very much.
Studio space is such a personal thing, we all just try to organize all the STUFF we have as best we can. I remember being impressed by Jane Sassman's dining room work space (I saw it in a magazine), so a studio is not even a necessity, even though we love them. Jen

Karoda said...

As much as I would love to visit the space just to browse through it...there is no way I could work in it for too long with out becoming spastic.

I work off the kitchen table and bookshelves in our bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Oh my....I have that very same wrapping paper!! I am impressed by how well the space cleans up. My studio space never looks that good!!