Monday, March 07, 2005

Which is better? Book of movie?

I really enjoyed watching Their Eyes Were Watching God on cbs last night. Like the reviewers said, it was a bit slow and long. But still delightful.

I thought Halle was great. It's been awhile since I read the book. I should read it again since I often say it truly is my favorite book. I have reread the beginning several times in recent years, but I only got to the end when I read it in college. I remember weeping, but had forgotten the details of the ending. But, I thought it was an amazing scene in the movie. Posted by Hello

Of course, it's really not a fair comparison: book vs movie. But, since Claire was extolling the details of her class's "compare and contrast" The Cat and the Hat" book vs. the Mike Myers movies, I was thinking a bit about Zora Neale Hurston's book. I think she would have been pleased.

We can also compare the "covers." I adore the cover that I posted below. I just love that wood cut style and the mood and the colors (purple and green, OF COURSE!)

And what can you say about Halle with the long sensual hair? It's also a thumbs up.


Karoda said...

Deborah, I loved it! I'm not a Berry fan but I think she did Janie's character well.

I was introduced to the book over 20 years ago and it is one of my regular re-reads. (When I first met my husband he read this book and I was impressed with his interest...the other night I turned to him and said "you probably just read the cliff notes to impress me"...he just!)

There was some key phrases that I looked for in the movie that was left out but it probably works better in print. One of them being the way her husband Starks would say "I gawd" before bestowing the community with his "wisdom".

Long ago in my ancient history I had the opportunity to teach African Am. Lit. at a small bible college for 3 years...the students, mostly men, in large hated this book. It was pretty damn controversial for them.

Elle said...

I'm not a Halle fan either, but I really, really liked her in this. The part I wanted to see how they'd do it was the hurricane. It's one of my favorite books and I'm with you Deborah, I LOVE that cover and that's the version I own too.