Sunday, March 13, 2005

Blogs and Bananas

A couple more things I like about blogs:

I like interesting items in the side bar. Like: What I'm Reading, Works In Progress, etc. You'll notice I have no such thing on my blog because I am an html dolt.

I like in-progress pictures and pictures showing me whether you are going to choose this background, or this one, or this one...


Have you noticed that any fork, knife or plate that comes in contact with a banana must be hand washed? The dishwasher is a complete failure at cleaning banana slime. This annoys me because we all like bananas and I especially like them sliced into what my cousin Cailey calls "banana coins" which means there is more surface area of banana on the plate making more slime to be hand washed.

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Debra said...


I'm a real html dummy, but I got the books, etc. on my sidebar. Don't emember how I did it, but I know how you can get it on yours fairly easy.

Open 2 pages in your browser. One page should be on the Edit your Template setting for your blog.

For the second, go to someone's blog who has the features you like. Use your browser to view their page source. It lets you see the programming involved.

click and copy the coding. Paste it into your template (near the bottom.. where the sidebar stuff is). Fiddle with it a little to make what you want.

Oh, and remember to change the items so you aren't reading/watching/working on to make sure that they are your own.