Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fabric Collages (at least that's what I call them)

Last week I made three small fabric collages. I was inspired by the Valentine swap pieces I made earlier for the Art Quilts Maine swap and by the one Kathy did for the same swap. Her's was marvy! Kate was lucky enough to receive it so maybe I can get a picture of it when Frayed Edges meets again.

I was also spurred by our impending show at the Little Dog coffee shop. I thought these might be particularly marketable. Plus, they were a blast to make. I feel they are much better than the Valentine pieces. I took more time on the both design and construction.

I know the pictures are kind of small and even when you click on them, the larger version doesn't show much detail. Oh well. I guess that's not really the point of the blog. Some day when (if) I get my own website, I'll have nice quality pix.

This one is called Flourish. It's about 5 x 8.

Transform, 5 x 7

Grow, 5 x 7 Posted by Hello


Karoda said...

I love them especially Transform and Grow. I have tons of those skeleton leaves...they fuse well.

I call them fabric collages too ;)

Anonymous said...

I really like them! They are gorgeous. I can see someone buying them, plus they would be great on display in the coffee shop.
:) Lucy

Melody Johnson said...

HURRAY!!Hurray! I love these pieces! They are so fabulous. I am inspired. I am delighted. This is exciting. More more more please.
I must go lie down.

arlee said...

Those are lovely and i too am really drawn to Grow---that leaf is making its way into my sketch book with lots of variations!