Sunday, January 23, 2005

Look what Mom gave me for my birthday

Hand dyed fabric Posted by Hello

My mom and I took a class from Melody Johnson at the World Quilt Expo in New Hampshire in August. So, of course, we became super-fusers! In fact, Mom liked the idea of fusing so much that she thought she might like to dye her own fabric. The gal at the Pro-Chem booth was so enthusiastic and helpful that she sold Mom a dying kit. It was just enough to dye 30 fat eights in spectrum starting with just three colors. She also bought pfd fabric from the same gal. She picked the "tutti frutti" color range and off she went. Apparently she gathered 30 yogurt containers or plastic cups and had it all laid out in the kitchen. Clearly she does not have young children at home, like I do. Some of the colors had very little contrast with the next one... so she picked out a few that were essentially duplicates and sent them to me. Yeah!

Now what will I do with them? For now, just add them to my stash.

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Here's a link to a page I ran across not too long ago which might spark some ideas: