Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Almost back to "normal."

The first day after the holiday break began with a trip to the nurses office at Claire's school. She sprained (we thought... notice the foreshadowing here) her ankle on Saturday morning. Though she played and was mostly fine all weekend, we thought it would be a good idea to check in with Nurse Naomi before school. She was surprised it was as swollen as it was a full two days after the accident and recommended a "better safe than sorry -- bsts" xray. Luckily, Claire's drs office squeezed us in right away. And off we went. Yes, with two-year-old in tow.

The dr (who was charming and was wearing an amazing hand woven vest) agreed that a "bsts" xray would be a good idea. At least that what I thought she said, I was a bit distracted trying to keep two-year-old out of the hazardous waste can. Off to the hospital. They don't have an xray machine at the drs office. They also squeezed us in pretty quickly, but not before two-year-old and five-year-old both got wet in the giant rock, wood and water scultures in the waiting area. Claire did great under the giant xray machine and we were told we'd hear the results this afternoon. Back to school. Another check with the school nurse. And finally into the classroom.

Several calls to the dr about the results were finally returned about 7:30 pm. Hmmmm... the xrays are inconclusive, so to be "bsts" she needs to see an orthopedic dr. But, of course, they are closed now. We'll have to try to get an appt in the morning. There goes Monday. Jeff and I were tied to our cell phones on Tuesday morning and we finally got word that the orthepedic dr would see us at 10:45. Hmmmm, how will I pick two-year-old up from preschool if I'm at the orthopedic dr?

Luckily, Jeff was able to free himself from work and he met Claire and I at the appt, then I left to pick up Benjamin and he stayed with Claire. Which was good because he can never get enough of peppering drs with various questions, looking at models of bones, analyzing bruises, etc. Eventually, Jeff and Claire reported back to me and Benjamin that the growth plate was broken. Apparently, it might have healed just fine without a cast, but "bsts"... let's go with the cast. Claire got the choose the color. The only options she was able to report were glow-in-the-dark white and pink. She said she asked if they had glow-in-the-dark pink, but with no such luck, she chose plain old pink. Then she hit the jack pot when they gave her a cast sandal with rainbow straps!

Then we all met at Burger King for lunch. Benjamin got a really cool Dora light up toy in his happy meal. And since Claire would not be allowed to walk on the cast until after dinner, she and Benjamin and I went home for an afternoon on the couch and Daddy went back to work.

So, that was Monday and Tuesday. Not exactly what we had planned. But, we all made the most of it. I did spend a lot of time quilting on Tuesday night after it was all over and everyone was in bed and I'd watched The Amazing Race.

I finished a quilt that is not yet named, but I'm thrilled with it and will post in-progress and completed pictures soon.

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